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  1. *.*Kryptonite*.*
    Humor : Watching Noobs Run Around Like Kryptos In Pipeline.
    Usergroups: UGB Members
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  3. -RoyalSliver
    Humor : Why are Reading this Like u Care ??
    Usergroups: UGB Members
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  5. :Alliance
    Humor : watching you die in my sights thats humor.
    Usergroups: UGB Members
  6. a giant rat
    Humor : i'm just a rat... maybe you never seen a rat with a shotgun, but it exists!
    Usergroups: UGB Members
  7. Achilles
    Humor : Imagine a king who fights his own battles. Wouldn't that be a sight?
    Usergroups: Bliss, UGB Members
  8. AE45
  9. Aimee
  10. AlbanianEagle12
  11. Alucard
  12. Amanktk
  13. Another1
    Humor : The moment when you realise you are fucked up
    Usergroups: UGB Members, United
  14. Aquanautics
    Humor : Some idiot died trying to walk around the world. He drowned. // I wave to everyone.
    Usergroups: Creed, UGB Members
  15. ArturexonPL
  16. AshlleyWhite
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  18. asle
  19. Asperger
  20. AsterZero
  21. Atup
  22. ayaanunique
  23. Azuredawn
    Humor : The fact that it's spelt here without a u.
    Usergroups: Creed, UGB Members
  24. Bab4546
  25. BadAo1
    Humor : If you wanna know someone's humourous, You simply look between the Y and I on your keyboard. You're welcome. You're all funny to me <3
    Usergroups: Bliss, UGB Members
  26. Basco
  27. Batman
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  29. Bes the Borges
    Humor : Dont waste my time otherwise I wont let you spend your time anymore
    Usergroups: Eclipse Council, UGB Members, Znaz
  30. BeyoN
  31. billkaulitz
  32. BlackMamba#24
  33. BlackWolf
  34. BlastFM
  35. Blazing Warrior
  36. BlueFire
  37. Blues
  38. BORONI
    Humor : I dont know how to tell jokes in English....xD
    Usergroups: Bliss, UGB Members
  39. bricksaver
  40. Cara465
  41. Catsu208
  42. CertifiedGeneral1
  43. Chamosianya
    Humor : I hate it when I am about to hug someone really sexy and my face hits the mirror HOHOHO
    Usergroups: Bliss, UGB Members
  44. CharlieScene
    Humor : You know there's this really tiny galaxy called the Milky Way. Hear it's nice this time of the millennium. Maybe I'll pay it a visit.
    Usergroups: UGB Members
    Rank: [Banned]
  45. ClubPepe
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  47. CueDramaticDeath
    Humor : The optimist sees the glass half full. The pessimist sees the glass half empty. I see the glass completely full, half with liquid and half with air.
    Usergroups: UGB Members
    Rank: [Banned by request]
  48. D&TOX
  49. D.Luffy
    Humor : Satisfied all the time even when someone is going to kill me for nothing.
    Usergroups: UGB Members
  50. Da Pandah